The Network at Work

Cacha` and Pen, Co-Founders of The Network

Dear Pennies & Pens,

In October of 2010, I Co-Founded The Network with my business partner, @CachaLopez. The Network is the premier creative talent agency for emerging ethnic artists because we only represent the most talented, unique, and buzz worthy clients. Our current client roster includes, models: Ashli Lewis, Jazmin Brown, Kiyauna Kingsberry, and Rosario de la Cruz, Videographer/Director, Addison Wright (Crion Lab). The Network provides management, branding, digital and social media marketing, and public relations services.

  • Ashli Lewis in Robb & Lulu dress, k2o by Karen Ko Jewelry. Photography & Creative Direction by Cacha` Lopez.

  • Kiyauna Kingsberry in Kimbo dress, k2o by Karen Ko jewelry. Styling and Creative Direction by Pen. Photography by: Duc Nguyen.


  • Rosario de la Cruz in Robb & Lulu Dress; k2o by Karen Ko jewelry. Styling, Creative Direction and Photography by Cacha` Lopez.

  • Videographer/Director Addison Wright.

And there it is. The Network…Where Fashion, Art, Music, & Culture Lives!                                                                                 


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