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Dear Pennies & Pens,

It’s Pen here reporting on Ruffian Fall/Winter 2012. If you follow me on Twitter (@LoudPen), you know that I missed the show due to oversleeping. It’s a disaster that often occurs during New York Fashion Week, missing shows and events because you’re either running from another show, oversleeping, or too busy writing posts to go. However, I’ve decided to cover the show anyway because it’s not Ruffian’s fault I decided to ignore my iPhone alarm, lol. And my apologies to all involved parties for missing it.

Moving right along, for Fall/Winter 2012, Ruffian showed a collection that was chic, classic, elegant, and most of all simple. There was a broad spectrum of colors although most of the collection was black and grey. The pops of color came with a lovely red coat and hat, a royal blue dress, and a magenta business suit. These were my favorite pieces and the standouts of the collection.

Ruffian F/W 2012

Ruffian F/W 2012

Ruffian F/W 2012

Also, I must say that the Ruffian tailoring is awesome! The clothes looked as if they were custom made for each model because everything fit so well. The collection was definitely wearable, every piece could be worn by the everyday working woman who seeks to be stylish, classy, refined, and confident in her clothes. Overall, I loved the collection and next season this show won’t be missed!

And there it is. de la Pen…All Pen Everything. 

*All images used come from NYMag.com*