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Dear Pennies & Pens,

As promised here’s the feature length post on Miss F.I.T. 2012: Miss Sasha Blowmeay! Congrats to Ms. Sasha, you deserve the win because you were FAB-U-LOUS! I interviewed Ms. Sasha (aka Akeem) about his/her personal style, life at F.I.T., and his/her future career aspirations. Check the interview below and leave Ms. Sasha some love in the comment section.

Miss FIT 2012 Ms. Sasha Blowmeay and Pen

de la Pen (DLP): Why did you enter the Miss F.I.T. Drag Show?

Ms. Sasha (MS): I entered Ms.FIT because I wanted represent my school.  I wanted people to scream: OMG! It’s Ms. FIT, I love You Ms. Sasha! I’ve always wanted to do it since I came to FIT in 2009 but being a Fashion Design major it was not like I had the time to participate. So I had to wait.

DLP: Tell me about your talent portion, what were trying to convey in your performance?

MS:  For my talent portion I really wanted to show everyone my sexy side because even though Ms. Sasha is a classy lady, she still knows how to take care of her business. I LOVE to dance so I was really to excited to get up on that stage. I started planning my performance in the summer of 2011. I knew I wanted to start off with something sexy and then something hype to make the crowd go crazy and I also wanted to have a little surprise in there. During winter break, I remixed the songs “Birthday Cake” and “Skin” both by Rihanna and added my voice in the beginning and the end using garage band. I already knew the dancers I wanted to be in my performance. Dancers Hannah Simon and Brittanny Tyree are amazing! I love the way they dance and I knew they had that same sexy swag that Ms. Sasha has. I told them what I wanted and they both helped me come up with the choreography right away. We would have practice 3days a week and I would practice every night in the Co-Ed dorm basement late at night just to make sure I got it stuck in my head.

Miss FIT 2012 Ms. Sasha Blowmeay and Miss Congeniality J'zel Grace

DLP: Where did you get your gown from? Who designed it? Why did you choose your gown?

MS: I got my dresses from my sister Jennifer who turned out to be the girl the host of the show was flirting with and calling her his baby momma, lol. The gold sequin dress is by French Connection and the black and pink sequin dress is from Cache. I picked the dresses because Ms. Sasha is all about sequin star stunning looks.  I told the make up artist that I did not want look like a drag queen so I made a mood board of what I wanted and she got it EXACTLY how I pictured it to be.  

DLP: Tell me about your personal style…what do you wear on a regular basis? Do you always dress in drag or only on certain occasions?

MS: My personal style everyday is laid back. I’m good with just a hoodie or a t-shirt, skinny jeans with some supra or converse shoes. I’m not really into dressing up everyday, I’m more all about the shoes but once and a while I might come out all styled up. I only went in drag 3 times in my life. The first time I went as my mom for my middle school costume dance party ( I won a $30 gift card to the movies) another time, I was a zombie drag queen at FIT’s 2011 Halloween party (I won the iPad 2 for best costume) and of course I went as Ms. Sasha for Ms. FIT. I plan to show up to some school events as Ms. Sasha this year and the future.

Miss FIT 2012 Ms. Sasha Blowmeay and Fashion Stylist & Personal Style Blogger Paris Hatcher

DLP: What are you studying at F.I.T.? What year are you?

MS: I’m studying Fashion Design and this is my 3rd year.

DLP: What are your future goals/dreams?

MS: My future goals and dreams are to become a successful actor. I plan to take acting classes here in NYC next fall. Also, after I graduate I plan to go on lots of auditions. I would also like to start my own modeling agency and have my own shoe line but that’s going take a while, lol.

DLP: What’s something few people know about you?

MS: Some people may not know that I love to have a fun time. I’m always dancing and acting like I can rap when I really can’t. I’m a goof ball at heart and I also look out for my family and friends no matter what happens they know I will be there for them.

Miss FIT 2012 Ms. Sasha Blowmeay and Ongina, Guest Judge and contestant from RuPaul's Drag Race

DLP: What would you say to someone who doesn’t understand someone who is homosexual or a drag queen?

MS: I would say they don’t need to try to understand it because it’s their life and if being a drag queen or homosexual is what they are, then deal with it. Life is way to short to be trying to figure out someone else’s life. I say just do you. You only live once.

Love Ms. Sasha

And there it is. de la Pen…All Pen Everything.