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Dear Pennies & Pens,

It’s Ashley Gaga back again to report on Tuleste Market’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection. There is a cliche that states “bigger is always better.” And though most cliche’s are horrid and over used, this phrase works well with the Tuleste Market Fall/Winter 2012 accessories collection.

Tuleste Market F/W 2012 Photo Credit: Ashley Gaga

Tuleste Market Fall/Winter 2012 Photo Credit: Ashley Gaga

Designed by sisters Satu and Celeste Greenberg, the line is full of statement pieces and conversation starters that are more like works of art than fashion. The jewelry selection consists of well constructed, oversized necklaces and bracelets. Most of the necklaces hang below the breast bone. But all are divinely mixtures with elements of gold and silver. Some are even accented with flowers.

Tuleste Market F/W 2012 Photo Credit: Ashley Gaga

The shoes were just as opulent. Many were constructed with pony hair and eelskin and stood on large platforms with opened-toed shoes. Patchwork leather was definitely a common theme among the boots. This accessories and shoe line is perfect for the hipster, the city girl, and anyone who wants to make a statement whenever they walk in a room.

Tuleste Market F/W 2012 Photo Credit: Ashley Gaga

And there it is. de la Pen…All Pen Everything.

P.S. I (Ashley Gaga) got a picture with the fabulous Angela Simmons!

Angela Simmons and Ashley Gaga at Tuleste Market F/W 2012