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Dear Pennies & Pens,

First off, please accept my apologies for the lack of posting as of late. My schedule has been super hectic with The Network. Moving right along, for this week’s “Model Mondays”, I decided to feature Portuguese model, Goncalo Teixeira.

Goncalo Teixeira for ViralFashion.com

Goncalo recently posed for the ViralFashion.com “Into The Wild” fashion editorial. ViralFashion is a new digital, online fashion magazine produced and run by veterans of the beauty industry, Jamie Mazzei, Christian Fleres and Vincent Cascio owners of nuBest Salon & Spa. Jamie, Christian, and Vincent are also the creators of ARTec. They created ViralFashion to “inspire those in fashion to see things differently both in themselves and the world around them”, as the site reads in its mission statement.

Goncalo Teixeira for ViralFashion.com

I must admit that when I received the pictures of Goncalo, I was pretty impressed. Not many online fashion magazines are creating editorials as most sites simply feature print editorials. Additionally, being that Goncalo is 26, he’s not the typical young, fresh model that are typically seen in editorials. I also like the styling of the “Into the Wild” editorial, it was very chic and masculine at the same time.

Goncalo Teixeira for ViralFashion.com

As I mentioned earlier, Goncalo is 26 and is from Lisbon, Portugal. Goncalo is currently signed to Red Model Management in NYC. Previously, he modeled for GQ Russia and John Richmond. I’d certainly love to see Goncalo in more editorials in the future. Let me know what you guys think of Goncalo and ViralFashion in the comments!

And there it is. The Fashion & Style of the Pen…de la Pen. 

*Correction: Per Goncalo’s comment, he is 23 not 26. Thanks for the correction, Goncalo! My apologies for the mistake.*