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Dear Pennies & Pens,

As promised here are my tweets from The Couture Council Luncheon honoring Valentino. Enjoy!

  • “The Couture Council Luncheon! They’re honoring Valentino. Super exclusive guest list, I feel fab to be a part of the invited media” – (Foursquare check-in)
  • Ohmigod! Twittas Kobe Bryant is here! I couldn’t get a pic of him tho. Whack.com #CoutureCouncilLuncheon
  • The #fashion in here is amazing! I’m just enjoying basking in the presence of greatness. #CoutureCouncilLuncheon
  • Valentino’s longtime friend & business partner Giancarlo is being interviewed by the press. Or maybe that’s bombarded, lol. #CoutureCouncilLuncheon
  • Just saw Candy Pratts Price from Vogue/Style.com. She looks fab in a green scarf. #CoutureCouncilLuncheon
  • Valentino just came up stairs. Alright let me find a good spot to take pics. #CoutureCouncilLuncheon
  • P.S. I snuck a glass of wine. Press has to have fun too. Lol. #CoutureCouncilLuncheon
  • Got my pic of Kobe! He looked up and smiled for me. Tryna be slick. I see u Kobe, lol. #CoutureCouncilLuncheon
  • I think that’s Ken Downing I just saw. #CoutureCouncilLuncheon
  • Dr. Steele is running around greeting all guests. Thank goodness I got to speak to her when she first got here. #CoutureCouncilLuncheon
  • The SUNY Chancellor is here. So is Anna Wintour & Glenda Bailey. WOW. #CoutureCouncilLuncheon
  • Charlotte Moss is on stage, giving her remarks. #CoutureCouncilLuncheon
  • Just spotted Virginia Smith from @voguemagazine. Of course I snapped a pic. DUH. #CoutureCouncilLuncheon
  • Found Anna Wintour. I snapped a couple pics. Havin balcony access is a cool. U get pics when they aren’t looking. #CoutureCouncilLuncheon
  • Anna’s sitting right next to Valentino. Would u have it any other way?! #CoutureCouncilLuncheon
  • Everyone’s eating lunch. Most of the Press is restricted to the balcony. The things we do for a blog post, byline, or photo. #CoutureCouncilLuncheon
  • Master of Ceremonies, Simon Doonan is at the podium. #CoutureCouncilLuncheon
  • Simon says young designers lack fabulosity. Also that Valentino should open up a fabulosity school. Heelarious. #CoutureCouncilLuncheon
  • Anna Wintour just presented Valentino w/ the award. I got footage of her & Valentio’s remarks. Can’t promise it’s good but I tried. #CoutureCouncilLuncheon
  • Also to finish out the #CoutureCouncilLuncheon coverage, it ended w/ Dr. Joyce Brown reading Lagerfeld’s letter to Valentino.
And there it is. The Fashion & Style of the Pen…de la Pen.