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Dear Pennies & Pens,

I am excited and honored to be formally introducing you guys to my business partner, Cacha` Lopez. Cacha` is a Manager, Agent, Stylist, Photographer, Owner of Cacha` Management, and Co-Founder of The Network. Whew! I know it sounds like a lot but as her business partner, I can vouch for all her titles. She’s a hard working lady and that is why I’m running a business with her.

Cacha` Lopez

Cacha` is one of the most focused people I know. She’s also an excellent communicator and she’s super intelligent. I’m definitely happy to be in business with her because we vibe so well. Even when we argue, we always know when to compromise and try to see where the other is coming from. It’s hard running a business and it’s even harder to do it with someone else but I’m glad I found someone that I can trust, talk to, laugh with, and hopefully soon, make some money with.

As I was saying earlier, Cacha` is a jack of all trades. As a Manager, Stylist, and Photographer, she pretty much does everything on set at our shoots. This past weekend, she hosted a photo shoot for the models signed to Cacha` Management and she did everything from styling the models’ hair, to taking pictures, to meeting with a possible client present at the shoot. Since I was covering the photo shoot for our blog, F.A.M. {Fashion.Art.Music}  and also for this piece here on de la Pen, I started snapping pics of Cacha` while on set. Although, Cacha` barely noticed as she was in the zone, the shots are amazing. Each shows how dedicated Cacha` is to our business and than she has multiple talents.

Cacha` Styling Cacha` Management Model Rosie

Cacha` and The Network's newest client model, Jorge

In addition to having multiple talents, Cacha` is also one of the most stylish people I know. While we were at the shoot on Friday, I took pics of her outfit which consisted of a white off-the-shoulder top, black skinny jeans, she also had on black, white, and beige 4 inch heel sandals. Four inch heels on a fashion shoot as a photographer, stylist, and manager?! I love it, it’s too fabulous!

Cacha` Lopez

In essence, Cacha` Lopez is someone you should be watching out for. And that’s why I wanted to be the first to write a feature length article on her. We balance each other out perfectly and I couldn’t do it without her. So make sure y’all follow her on Twitter, @CachaLopez! Also, be on the look out for future update posts, this will not be a one time thing!

And there it is. The Fashion & Style of the Pen…de la Pen.