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Dear Pennies and Pens,

About a month ago, I attended a trunk show at the Soigne K boutique for Indian designers Shyamal and Bhumika Shodhan which I announced in this Press Pen post. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’m pretty busy with the business, school, and the blog in essence, I’m just now getting a chance to blog about the event and the boutique itself. Please accept my apologies for the lateness.

Moving right along, Soigne K is what every fabulous Madison Avenue boutique should be. However, in opposition to other Madison Avenue boutiques there is a distinct cultural element of Indian fashion and style. The Soigne K boutique offers a beautiful variety of traditional Indian fashions like the sari and modern contemporary designs by Indian designers.

Apparel in Soigne K Boutique

The store’s aesthetic is posh and relaxed. When you enter there are jewelry and accessories on display to your left, mannequins that wear the store’s merchandise are strategically placed on the floor and on both sides, there are racks of clothing. I must make a quick note for those that may not be familiar with high-end boutiques; there are only few racks and one or two pieces of each design, the purpose of this is to provide the luxury customer with exclusive goods. Basically, the luxury customer knows they will be the only one with that dress because the store only had one for sale.

Jewelry in the Soigne K Boutique

Traditional Indian Fashions in Soigne K Boutique

Contemporary Fashions in the Soigne K Boutique

The apparel and accessories sold in Soigne K are like no other. Most of the pieces are one of a kind items and the details that can be found on the saris and lehengas in the store are so intricate. As I said earlier, there are also contemporary designs in the store, these are also by Indian designers but they don’t always reflect Indian culture. Overall, the store is lovely and definitely worth checking out if you’re in New York and you’re strolling down Madison Ave.

And there it is. The Fashion & Style of the Pen…de la Pen.