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Dear Pennies and Pens,

How divinely serendipitous is it to have Los Angeles Fashion Week and de la Pen’s L.A. Confidential to launch the same weekend? Here in L.A. Confidential, I’ll give you the behind-the-scenes of West Coast fashion and, to be behind-the-scenes I myself will remain incognito as always L.A. Confidential. So, to kick off L.A.’s weekend of fashion, I celebrated with the hip and new Living Divine Vintage, as the vintage boutique hosted a private showcase in downtown Los Angeles at The Artform Studio Salon on Thursday night.

Living Divine Vintage Founders

The vintage items on display (and included in the Living Divine Vintage collection) are “all hand-picked with the customer in mind,” said co-owner Sofia Tablada.

If the customer is anything like the party attendees Thursday night, he or she would be described as the quintessential artistic, fashion forward West Coast hip haven holder, who sports era-defined attire with the mindset that you can never have on too much jewelry. Additionally, models wearing Living Divine Vintage items were delicately styled and on display. Every item in the vintage collection stands out—for color, shape or adornment.

Greeting Display at Living Divine Vintage Event (Credit L.A. Confidential)

Overcoats pulled for Living Divine Vintage Event (Credit: Eddie Juarez)

When asked which era of fashion is Sofia’s favorite, she said, “The 30s and flapper look and glamorous old Hollywood… but I also love 90s as well. Cut-off shorts, boots, crop top.”

I would describe the array of vintage items available through Living Divine Vintages online store or consultation as polite 1930s meets an old starlet with 90’s flair. In essence, make sure you check out Living Divine Vintage!

And there it is. The Fashion & Style of the Pen…Chosen by Pen…Reported by L.A. Confidential.