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Dear Pennies,

A few weeks ago, I wrote the post Fashion for Music; Music for Fashion…Indigo Charlie…Emerging Musician and Stylish Lady, where I featured the unsigned hype that is Indigo Charlie. I’m excited to report that Indigo has released her second single, entitled, “On the Edge”.

The track was produced by The CoStars and the video was directed by photographer/director Carmen Chan. Much like Indigo’s first video, “On the Edge” is comprised of photography stills. However, the chorus is live video and this also marked the only time color was used in the mostly black and white video.

The video premiered on 12 Photos, a blog dedicated to photography by DJ Adam 12 who is one half of the duo, “She Wants Revenge”. When speaking of the video’s release on 12 Photos, Indigo had this to say, “There was absolutely no where else I wanted to premiere my video! I love Adam’s blog and his amazing, creative, and dark eye for beauty. Although he didn’t shoot this video, I wanted to premiere on his blog surrounded by deliciously yummy black and white photos, creative energy and work I respect. His site is seductively mellow and filled with haunting beauty.” says Indigo Charlie. That being said, please check out the video below!


And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.