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Dear Pennies,

It’s Pen here to report on Zang Toi’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection shown at New York Fashion Week. Honestly, this was my favorite show out of everything I saw at Fashion Week. This show was EPIC. Zang Toi is a brilliant designer. Zang is based in NYC although he is Malaysian. He’s also a favorite of style icons like Ivana Trump, Eva Longoria, and Fergie.

For his Fall/Winter 2011 collection, Zang designed beautiful gowns that were just as fabulous as they were glamorous, well tailored suits and separates, and even menswear. He kept the color palette simple sticking with grey, black, camel, and emerald green. Fabrics used were cashmere, wool, and taffeta for gowns. Fur was also used on the collars of jackets and a camel shawl.

Zang Toi Fall/Winter 2011

Zang Toi Fall/Winter 2011

Zang Toi Fall/Winter 2011

The collection was stunning and earned Zang a well deserved standing ovation. I mean it was really just that gorgeous! My favorite pieces were the trousers and jackets. I absolutely adore pants especially wide leg trousers and that’s exactly the type of pant Zang used in the collection. I also like the fact that the color palette was simple because the pieces can be worn on all different types of women.

Zang Toi Fall/Winter 2011

I really enjoyed the show and afterward, I was tweeting about how much I loved Zang’s show when I met jewelry designer and blogger, Wendy Brandes. It turns out she’s a friend of Zang’s and was wearing a dress from his Spring 2011 collection. I ended up going out for drinks with Wendy, her husband Mr. B, and fashion blogger, Lady Cameron of 33 Avenue Miquelon. I also met fashion designer and blogger Stacy Lomman of Taffeta Darlings. Check out Wendy’s blog for her recap of Fashion Week and the Zang Toi show. Also check out NowFashion to see pictures of this amazing collection, as mine don’t do it justice. Let me know what you think of the collection, Pennies!

And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.

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