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Dear Pennies,

It’s Pen here to report on the Covet Communications Fine Jewelry Press Preview. Covet Communications is an L.A. based PR firm that specializes in representing fine jewelry designers. As you all have hopefully noticed, I’ve never done any coverage on jewelry designers since I wanted de la Pen to be all about fashion, style, and beauty with a bit of music. However, I’ve been meeting so many great jewelry designers and I feel like there should be more jewelry coverage on blogs. In essence, when I can, I’ll be featuring jewelry and accessory designers.

Back to the Covet Communications preview, I really enjoyed this event. At the preview, I saw the designs of Lebanese designer Noor Fares, Hollywood favorite Soffer Ari and the intricate designs of Alex Soldier. Each of these three designers brings their own talent and inspiration to the art of making fine jewelry. Each designer had their own unique way of designing and styling their jewelry, so it wasn’t hard to differentiate each designer.

Soffer Ari at the Covet Communications Fine Jewelry Press Preview

The first designer I saw was Soffer Ari. Soffer Ari is a lifestyle brand based in L.A. that specializes in fine jewelry, leather goods, and custom apparel. Since the Covet event was about jewelry, I only saw the brand’s jewelry pieces however they were pure awesomery. Ari’s designs are edgier and represent a fashionable rocker. With pieces that featured black diamonds and black silver, the collection was definitely for the rocker chick. There were also skulls used on a lot of the pieces which made them interesting and since the skull is the classic punk rock symbol, it was a nice touch.

Noor Fares at the Covet Communications Fine Jewelry Press Preview

Noor Fare at Covet Communications Fine Jewelry Press Preview at NY Fashion Week 2011

Next, I saw Noor Fares’ designs. I’m not going to lie, Noor was my favorite out of all three designers. Noor is a twenty-five year old Lebanese designer who has lived and traveled between Lebanon, the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. Additionally, she is a formally trained jewelry designer since she has diplomas in Jewelry Design and Diamond Grading and she is finishing a degree at the Gemological Institute of America in London. In essence, Noor has dedicated her life to learning how to design and make jewelry. As young designer, I feel that she brings a youthful, upbeat feel to fine jewelry. Fine jewelry used to remind me of the classic jewels my mother and grandmother wear but after seeing Noor’s designs I see that fine jewelry can be contemporary and youthful. The rose gold and black wood pieces were my absolute favorites. There was a bracelet, ring, and necklace that was mostly made of the black wood but there would be hints of rose gold and diamonds on the pieces.

Lastly, I saw fine jewelry designer Alex Soldier. First off, Alex is a genius! His designs are so detailed and intricate! Every piece is so unique and has the most exquisite detailing. For his most recent collection, Alex took all his most expensive pieces and replicated them in silver. In essence, he redesigned his most high end pieces and turned them into lower priced items that were still works of art. The pieces that stuck out the most were a fabulous ring with complicated design on the other side and two necklaces that had stones on the chain. If you look closely, the stones on the necklace are shaped just like a real stone.

Alex Soldier at the Covet Communications Fine Jewelry Press Preview

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And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.