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Dear Pennies,

It’s Pen here to report on the NOMIA Fall/Winter 2011 collection. NOMIA is an emerging New York fashion label, started by designer Yara Flinn in 2007 after she sold her first dress to Barneys New York. The name NOMIA comes from a mythological Greek nymph although most of the designs speak to minimalism and edgy fashion.

NOMIA Fall/Winter 2011

For the Fall/Winter collection, the colors used were beige, grey, forest green, and black. I like the fact that Yara stuck to a simple color palette because it makes the collection flow better. Also, the colors were paired together nicely, there was a forest green long sleeve top matched with a beige colored skirt. Also, I liked the color blocking on a black pair of leggings, the leggings were black and there were patches of beige on them. The leggings were paired with a beige dress so it was a nice color match.

NOMIA Fall/Winter 2011

In my opinion, the NOMIA label speaks to the downtown Manhattan girl or the Brooklyn artist. These clothes match the personality of those women to a T. For those unfamiliar with New York, there is a certain style of dress that comes out of each borough and in the borough of Manhattan, there are also different style patterns for the various neighborhoods. In essence, a girl in downtown Manhattan or the Brooklyn artist likes to be chic, but edgier and she likes her clothes to be downplayed. I do think that other people could wear the NOMIA clothes I just think that this downtown New York girl was the inspiration behind the label. What do you think, Pennies? Would you rock NOMIA? Have you noticed the different style patterns in New York or where you live?

NOMIA Fall/Winter 2011

Check out NOMIA to see previous collections and find out more about Yara Flinn. And as always, to see more pictures, check out my Facebook page. Also, here’s a good review of NOMIA on Wondermode and a great profile on Yara Flinn on Nymag.com.

And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.