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Dear Pennies,

It’s Pen here to report on the happenings at New York Fashion Week. On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending a preview of the Fratelli Rossetti Fall/Winter 2011 collection. Fratelli Rossetti was founded in 1953 by Renzo Rossetti, and the company is now being run by Renzo’s three sons, Diego, Dario, and Luca. In essence, for over fifty years, the Rossetti house has been providing stylish quality footwear from only the best Italian leather.

For the latest collection, the Rossetti house teamed up with artist and designer, Rebecca Moses. Rebecca created illustrations to tell the story of the Rossetti Fall/Winter collection. While at the preview, Rebecca gave me a full tour of the collection and her accompanying illustrations. The illustrations showcase a world of women who live in their shoes. Each illustration takes place in a different city and the shoe accompanies the stylish essence of the city and the women who wear them.

Rebecca Moses' illustration of NYC women for Fratelli Rossetti F/W 2011

Rebecca Moses' illustration of Parisian women for Fratelli Rossetti F/W 2011

In New York, the moccasin heel is on the feet of the strong, powerful and stylish woman suspended over the New York skyline. In Paris, the women lounge in the suede ankle boot that chic French women are known for wearing. For London, Rebecca created an illustration of the famous English riding boot with accompanying Big Ben clock and English tea to showcase British culture. For Hong Kong, there’s the two-tone lace up boot with beautiful Chinese architecture in the background. And lastly, in Milan stylish Italian women are used to spell the word Milan as the Italian loafer looms above them. And interestingly enough, I also discovered that the Rossetti house created the tassel on loafers.

Rebecca Moses' illustration of English women for Fratelli Rossetti F/W 2011

Rebecca Moses illustration of Hong Kong women for Fratelli Rossetti F/W 2011

Rebecca Moses' illustration of Milanese women for Fratelli/Rossetti F/W 2011

The illustrations are gorgeous and they really tell a lovely story about women and our shoes. I have always loved shoes and I have more than I can count in my closet so it was cool to see such an interesting exploration of the love that women have for our shoes. When I asked Rebecca about shoes and why women love them so dearly, she said “Shoes have the most impact over our moods because feet are soul of our body.”

With that said, I give this collection an A plus. Please check out my album of the collection on Facebook. Additionally, check out the Fratelli Rossetti website for more information and to find out where you can purchase Rossetti shoes.

And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.