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Dear Pennies,

Earlier today, I had the pleasure of attending a press preview for Rochelle Behrens. Rochelle Behrens isn’t your typical fashion designer. Once upon a time, Rochelle was working in Politics in Washington, D.C. However, two years ago, while using safety pins to hold her button down shirt in place, Rochelle realized that if there was an extra button, the gape problem would be solved! What’s the gape? The gape is defined on The Shirt’s website as: “the see-straight-through-the-bra” phenomenon that occurs on many women’s shirts.

Rochelle Behrens

In essence, Rochelle created “The Shirt” which has dual button technology that eliminates the gape. The shirt was recently featured on Oprah as one of the must have items for 2011. I must say that I have been suffering from the gape so the discovery of The Shirt was a great one for me. I was buying button downs a size bigger and now I don’t have to anymore. Rochelle Behrens is definitely a real woman creating a product for real women that is fashionable, useful, and stylish.

The Shirt in the Classic Style

The Shirt at the Editor Press Preview

The Shirt comes in two looks: classic and slim fit. The Shirt is a cotton stretch and most consists of cotton and polyester. The Shirt is available in sizes extra small to extra large and there are eight colors. In essence, there’s a shirt for every woman. Check out The Shirt website for more information and if you’d like to purchase one.

And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.