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Angela Simmons

Dear Pennies,

For this week’s, Tuesday’s Thoughts, I wanted to feature Angela Simmons. As the second daughter of Hip-hop legend, Joesph “Rev. Run” Simmons, Angela first appeared on our radar via the hit MTV show, “Run’s House”. Angela also co-starred opposite her sister, Vanessa in the spinoff of Run’s House called, “Daddy’s Little Girls”. It was also during this time that Angela and Vanessa co-founded Pastry Footwear.

Angela and Vanessa Simmons for Pastry

I must say that I adore Angela’s style and I think she’s really creative and talented. Being that her family is who they are the creativity seems to just come to her naturally.  Also, Angela’s tweets add pizzazz (there’s that Kay Thompson word) to my Twitter timeline. Her twit pics are always entertaining and all about fashion and shopping. (Follow her @AngelaSimmons)

Angela is a frequently featured on my favorite blogs, The Fashion Bomb and The YBF. Recently, Angela joined the blogosphere with her blog, Angela’s World. The blog is essentially an extension of her twitpics but it’s definitely worth checking out. Angela makes life look fun and easy and she does it so stylishly.

Angela Simmons

Angela Smmons in London

Angela Simmons

And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.