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Dear Pennies,

For this week’s, Fashion for Music; Music for Fashion, I interviewed emerging musician and stylish lady, Indigo Charlie. Indigo just dropped her first video, “I’ll Never Change” featuring actor and musician, Khleo Thomas. The video is composed of over 1,400 still photography shots by fashion photographer Carmen Chan. The video is a beautiful metaphor for the confusion and angst that one experiences in a troubled relationship. In my interview with Indigo, we talked about her personal style, how her fashion and music influence one another, and who her favorite designers are. Check out the interview and “I’ll Never Change” video below.

DLP (de la Pen): How did you get into music? When did you decide to become an artist?

IC (Indigo Charlie): Both of my parents are in the music industry. My mother has been in the industry for 20 years. So I grew up around the entertainment industry. I was always on the red carpet, I went to shoots, and recording sessions so I literally grew up behind the scenes of the music industry. I fell in love with the industry as a young child. My mother always warned me that the industry was rough and told me how emotionally draining it can be. So I began focusing on a fashion career and began studying marketing at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising). However recently, I  had the opportunity to record/make a song. Since my mother knew how much I loved music, she finally supported it and I’ve spent the last year recording as an artist. Music allows me to express apart of myself that I normally wouldn’t share.

DLP: How does fashion inspire your music and vice versa?

IC: I’m very into vintage clothes and I’m inspired by the classic woman look. The women from back in the day were so regal and put together and clean. They always looked like a lady and their make-up was always perfect. My fashion and music coincide because I like the guitar and soft sounds and lyrics that flow, are pretty and have depth. This is the same blueprint for my fashion.  So my music and my clothes compliment each other. My moods also affect what I wear; I have something to match each mood.

DLP: Describe your personal style?

IC: My personal style is full of vintage pieces and stripper heels. I wear six inch heels regularly.

Indigo Charlie

DLP: Who are your music and fashion influences?

IC: Musically I am inspired by Prince, Horace & the Machine, The XX and Lykke Li. My favorite designers are Viktor & Rolfe, I love the construction and the designs. It’s a beautiful mixture between fashion and architecture. I also love classic Chanel, that’s a daily inspiration.

DLP: What projects are you currently working on?

IC: My next single, “On the Edge” should be coming out at the top of February. Right now, I’m taking my time recording and putting out videos so that they covey the right emotion.

DLP: Where do you see yourself in the future as an artist?

IC: My major goal is to perform at the Coachella festival. It’s such a great festival. I want to travel the world sharing my music. I am really passionate about touring and interacting with the audience. To me, it’s all about sharing the music and having real emotions and connections with people; especially since there are  people you wouldn’t meet under any other circumstance.

And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.