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Dear Pennies,

Since today has been a busy day filled with orientation at FIT, a phone interview, conference call and running errands, I was at a loss for what to post for this week’s “Designer Discussion”. Normally, I have something lined up but this week, I was drawing a blank. In essence, I was relieved when I found out that MIU MIU is releasing a series of short films by intellectual female filmmakers. The series is called “The Women’s Tales” and the first release, “The Powder Room” by Zoe Cassaevetes premiered today.

The short film is set in a women’s powder room and its purpose is to explore the intimate world of women. In the video, the four models, Audrey Marnay, Caroline de Maigret, Line Gost and Sophie Vlaming showcase the fabulous fashions of MIU MIU while looking stunning, glamorous, and somewhat mysterious. I really enjoyed the hypnotic music which seemed to be pulse of the film. I also adored the models’ make-up; the smoky eye and red lip was definitely a stylish touch.

MIU MIU'S "The Powder Room: by Zoe Cassavetes

When speaking of the film, Director Zoe Cassavetes said the following: “I love the idea of a powder room, the ritual which takes place within them is very important for women. There’s something special about preparing yourself, a moment before the action takes place. I love the sense of intimacy. It’s a place away from men, where you can check out other women, and re-glamorize yourself ready to face the world again.” I believe that Zoe was indeed able to catch these moments in the film. Throughout the film, most of the women seem to be deep in thought and they all give each other a once over when entering the room.

MIU MIU'S "The Powder Room" by Zoe Cassavetes

Zoe Cassavetes summarizes the film’s storyline, ” The story is about women and their private moments”, says Cassavetes, “so it’s allowed to be free and dreamy… the dreamy part was the most fun. And the glamour.” It is true that this film appeals to a woman’s desire to be beautiful, glamorous, and sexy. In essence, I suppose that with its newest advertising campaign, MIU MIU has finally figured how to tell, women’s tales.

And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.