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Dear Pennies,

I’m participating in a community of bloggers who shout each other out every week. This week, I am shouting out jewelry designer and blogger, Lele. Lele has two blogs, one for her personal views on the world (As Lele’s World Turns) and the other for her jewelry line (Fine Art of Jewelry). I think Lele’s has is a great writer and she has a very witty & captivating style. Check out the post from below where she talks about the most annoying tweets of all time. Also, I’m linking to her sites so check those out as well.

And there it is. The Fashion & Style of the Pen…de la Pen.

Top Five Annoying Tweets

I have been tweeting for sometime now & have come across a few tweets I just hate to see show up in my timeline. Now don’t get me wrong, I have sent some tweets that probably annoy people as well…too bad none of those are on MYlist. ;) Here we go…

5. 140 Character Genius Tweet: Trying to say something philosophical in 140 characters is kooky! If you can show all your intelligence in 140 characters, you aren’t that smart. Just be real.

4. Faux Cuss Tweet: “Dayum! Eff that ish!”

Really? Really? If you are going to make it sound like you’re cussing, go all in. Commit to the cuss…you can’t fake it. I will say this, I have curbed my fowl mouth out of respect for a few of my followers & find myself faking it at times & that too shall change. (Blogger’s Note: This change will probably be for the worse. LOL!) If you believe it’s unlady like to cuss, it’s probably just as unlady like to pretend & give the illusion of cussing. Truth be told, I usually see tweets like this from men. “Now, what does that tell you? Huh?!”-Woody, Ester’s husband-Sanford & Son

(Blogger’s Note: I seem to enjoy falling back on Sanford & Son style insults over cussing because they are so super funny! Kinda like my “fish-eyed fool” remark about Marty B the other week.)

3. Begging Tweet & Retweet of Begging Tweet: “I need 5 more followers to get to 500. Help me! RT!” or “RT @somebody: I need 5 more followers to get to 500. Help me! RT!//Come on, help my friend!”

I do not have a big tent twitter feed. (Blogger’s Note: I mean big tent in reference to numbers, not in reference to different ideas, knowledge or expertise.) I like to keep my list of followers & list of people I follow under 100 each. I just like it that way. Communication is easier. Tweeting your followers to help you get more followers is odd to me. In reference to a personal, non-celebrity, non-news, non-business Twitter account, why would 500+ followers, most of which a person will never interact with, matter to anyone? I’ve learned that much like MySpace & Facebook, some people are into “collecting” followers & friends for status vs actually looking at the substance of what one says as a reason to follow or friend them. I prefer substance.

2. Listening to Tweet: “Listening to (insert singer/band here)–> (insert song here) {Featuring “Nobody Special”} on #(some music player)”

I love music and I tweet about listening to MusicChoice, with song lyrics and what not. Some people listen to music via an online music player which can send a tweet with every song they are listening too, real time. Is this necessary? Maybe I just hate the automated tweet thing about it. I don’t really know, but I hate to see 10 of these tweets in a row from the same person in a 20 minute time span.

1. Over Hash Tagged Tweet: “#John’s #dog was #confiscated by #animal #control to be put down for #rabies. #UGH!”

I think this tweet speaks for itself. Why do people do this? Strange.

What kinds of tweets annoy you? Email me or post a response here.


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