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Dear Pennies,

It’s Press Pen here to report on the opening of Sabon NYC’s SoHo Boutique. The private event took place on Tuesday evening. First off, I must say that this was truly one of the better events I’ve been to, and trust me, I go to a lot (as you can see on this blog). The reason the event was so awesome was because the store is gorgeous, it reminds me of an antique shop; also, there were hors d’oeuvres and champagne, and the staff was super helpful and knowledgeable.


Sabon Boutique Opening Hors d'oeuvres


While at the opening, I got a chance to sample some of Sabon’s products. For those who don’t know, Sabon is a bath and body company based in New York City. As I said, I sampled some of Sabon’s products when I received a complimentary hand treatment. I met one of Sabon’s employees whose name is currently escaping me (forgive me!) but she gave me the best hand treatment ever! I swear I’ve washed my hands millions of times but never have I wanted to go and do it again immediately afterwards. In the picture from below, you’ll see the well that was turned into a sink for employees of Sabon and customers to use when doing hand treatments.


Sabon Hand Washing Well


Another thing I like about the Sabon brand is that all their products use all natural ingredients. They also have a line that is 100% organic. Additionally, most of the products are packaged in glass which is recyclable and reusable. And since they are self proclaimed animal lovers, Sabon doesn’t test their products on animals.


Sabon Shower Oils


Sabon has locations all over NYC, and other stores in Chicago and Boston. If you’re not in any of those three places, then don’t worry, you can still purchase Sabon products via their e-commerce website. But, if you are near NYC, Chicago, or Boston, I recommend you get to Sabon asap. These products are a must-have item and with the holidays around the corner, you need to make that purchase. If you buy bath & body products (especially for a girlfriend/wife/sister for my male Pennies) you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size and causing a Christmas gift fight.

And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.

Check Out Sabon’s Website here: http://sabonnyc.com/