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Dear Pennies,

The last and final runway show at Style.uz Art Week was the General Defile by Dom Stilya which means House of Style. The show featured the top ten designers from Dom Stilya and also Gulnara Karimova’s Guli Collection. The designers from Dom Stilya include: Elina Hairullina, Arten Drobyshev, Yasmin Vakhidova, Markhamat Umarova, Saodat Muratkhojayeva, UMI, and others.

This show was centered around the knee and floor length gowns featured. These dresses were mostly pastels colors, or black and white. One of my favorite dresses was a beige knee length dress that had ruffles coming out the front of the dress.

General Defile by Dom Stilya at Style.uz Art Week 2010

One of the most interesting collections was done by Saodat Muratkhojayeva who featured Chinese inspired designs with green as the central color/theme. This collection was very couture and it was an excellent mixture between Chinese culture and Uzbek culture.

Saodat Muratkhojayeva of General Defile

Gulnara Karimova also showed the Guli Collection which was a collaboration with designer, Kanishka. This was the same collection that I saw in New York at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, however, it was lovely to see the collection a second time. I enjoyed seeing this collection again since it was one of my favorites at Fashion Week. My favorite piece was a blue and white print dress with gold embroidery in the middle. This dress was very chic and it could be worn in a variety of different places by various types of women. The shape, colors, and style of the dress make it a classic design.

Guli Collection at the General Defile

The General Defile show ended with Gulnara Karimova announcing the Art Week laureates. These include Lali Fazylova, Denis Tamilin, Gulnoza Riskiyeva and Nadezhda Kim among others. Interior designer Andrei Lamanov received the grand prize. This was lovely addition to the show because it shows that Gulnara Karimova, the Fund Forum, and Style.uz is dedicated promoting emerging designers. It’s good to know that there is talent in Uzbekistan that is being rewarded for their new and fresh ideas.

And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.