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The Chocolate Show

Dear Pennies,

On Wednesday night, I went to the Chocolate Fashion Show held in the Metropolitan Pavilion. The Chocolate Fashion Show is actually an event that’s part of a larger event simply called, The Chocolate Show. The Chocolate Show is a four day event being held in the Metropolitan Pavilion and it is the world’s largest show dedicated to chocolate. If you are a chocolate lover and you’re near NYC, head on down to the Chocolate Show to sample some tasty treats. The event doesn’t end until the 14th. I’ll include a link to the website below so you can find more information.

But getting back to the Chocolate Fashion Show, I had a blast at the event. Most of the fashion designs were made by chocolatiers who collaborated with fashion designers, however some chocolatiers or chefs made their own designs. Some of the Chocolate Fashion Show participants include Sherri Adler of Rogue Confections, Heather Bertinetti of Alta Marea Group with Kevin Christiana from Project Runway Season 4 and Head Designer of Andrew Charles Menswear, Stephane Boonat of Bonnat Chocolatier withValerie Price, Lauri Ditunno of Cake Alchemy with Jeffrey Moore, Steve Evetts of the NY Marriott Marquis with Costume Designer Tracy Christensen. It was really fun to see what designs the chocolatiers, chefs, and designers came up with. Most of the ensembles were dresses and they were made of chocolate completely! Edible clothing?! Sounds like my two favorite things!

My favorite designs were a dress made with a chocolate bustier and a skirt with a map of the world on it; and a chocolate dress with a ruffled skirt and hat; also a dress made of bon-bons. All the designs were very interesting and colorful. This event is one that I would recommend for next year. As I said before, it was cool to see designs by chefs and chocolatiers because it made them take a step out of their comfort zone (i.e., making food/chocolate) but it still allowed them to be creative. Here are some pictures of my favorite designs and also I’ve compiled a video of some of the models walking with the creators. Please excuse the video’s sound and some folks who blocked my camera’s view.

Chocolate Fashion Dress

Chocolate Fashion Dress with Hat

Chocolate Fashion Dress Made of Bon-Bons

And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.

To find out more info about the Chocolate Show Check Out Their Website: