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Dear Pennies,

Today, I wanted to share with you a new iPad App developed by Marie Claire. The iPad App is called Marie Claire’s A to Z Fall Fashion. Basically, the App features the following:

* The ABCs of Style: Bone up on fall trends with runway videos and 360-degree view of bags and shoes.

Marie Claire's A to Z iPad App

* 7 Days of Dressing: Synch your calendar with outfit ideas for every day of the week and kiss nothing-to-wear mornings buh-bye.

* Beauty Sampler: Try out the season’s best makeup with Marie Claire’s virtual tester.

Marie Claire's Virtual Makeup for A to Z iPad app

* Expert Advice: Celebrity fashion stylists dish on what to wear and how to wear it this season.

Although I am not an iPad owner yet, I think the Marie Claire A to Z Fall Fashion App is something you should check out if you love fashion and beauty. The App is only $2.99 and it’s a fun toy. Plus you can buy clothes or makeup straight from your iPad with this App. You can also see the Fall’s latest trends and decide which ones you want to buy.

For those that don’t read Marie Claire, you should check out the magazine as well. It’s a very nice read. I was pleasantly surprised by the magazine’s editorial content when reading an issue of the magazine a few months ago. I also got to meet Joanna Coles the Editor-In-Chief of Marie Claire at an event for the Learning Annex. Joanna is another member of the dying breed of people who work in fashion that are actually genuinely nice. After the event, I introduced myself to Joanna and she gave me great advice about the fashion industry and how to approach editors about freelancing. She told me to keep blogging and use my blog as my writing home and to only approach editors that I’m serious about working for and to only use stories similar to what that magazine or website already publishes. I appreciate Joanna’s advice and I think Marie Claire is a great magazine.

Me (Pen) with Joanna Coles

In essence, I decided to feature Marie Claire’s new iPad App and the promotion video. The video features a hilarious scene with Joanna yelling at her assistant saying she can’t attend their staff meeting because she needs the new Chanel jacket. Check out the video below. After the video, there’s a link to buy and download the App.

And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.


Download Marie Claire’s A to Z iPad App here: