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Dear Pennies,

Back in September at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York, I had the pleasure of meeting the subject today’s of Press Pen profile, Mr. Terry Carter, owner of Travertine Spa Collection. Terry is a rare gem in today’s fashion world. So many people in the industry are more concerned with what you’re wearing, who you know, and what you do than they are with getting to know you. Too often people get caught up in appearances instead of finding out who’s the person underneath the clothes.

After meeting Terry in the tents at fashion week, we made a promise to keep in touch. And guess what?! We actually did. Below is my interview with Terry, who (as I stated earlier) is the owner of Travertine Spa collection, a natural spa and beauty products company based in Orange County, California.

Terry Carter, CEO of Travertine Spa Collection

DLP (de la Pen): Where are you from originally?

TC (Terry Carter) : I was born in L.A. and but I was raised in Orange County

DLP: Where is your business based?

TC: Orange County

DLP: When did you start Travertine?

TC: I started Travertine in 2004 while I was still doing intellectual property law. It started as a side gig since it was my passion. I began making products as gifts and gave them to co-workers and everyone loved it. After that I began making products before and after work and decided to build a business out of it.

DLP: Where did the name Travertine come from?

TC: I was thinking about names for the company and I wanted a name that was good and easy to identify. Travertine is a type of Italian limestone. It makes the product sound exclusive. Plus, most luxury resort spas are made of Travertine.

DLP: As the owner/founder of Travertine, can you give us a glimpse of what your typical day is like?

TC: I wake up at 6:30, then, I start my day off with prayer. After that, I check my email and social media, then, I work out with my trainer, come back home and have a nutritious meal. Usually, I give myself 2 to 3 projects to complete per day. Sometimes I travel, ensuring I have enough packaging.

DLP: Why do you feel that natural body care products are so important?

TC: I think it’s important for people to treat themselves well. What you put in you and on you is important. It affects how you live and feel. So you should use and eat the best things possible.

DLP: What sets the Travertine brand apart from other body care products (both natural and chemical)?

TC:  We micro batch the products. All the essential oils are hand blended. We are a high end brand and we deal with A list celebrity clients. We are a lifestyle brand. We believe that you should treat yourself well and expand beyond shampoo or body wash.

DLP: How do you promote the Travertine brand?

TC: I promote through trade shows, celebrity marketing, very specialized niche events like Africa Fashion Week New York and social media.

DLP: What are the must-have Travertine items?

TC: The Shea hand and nail cream made of Shea Butter (created by me), the peddle Jojoba body cream, and the Lavender body wash.

The Lavender Body Wash

DLP: Are Travertine products intended for both female & male use?

TC: Yes, all products but one can be used for both sexes. We use natural scents so we don’t have bubble gummy fragrances.

DLP: Please add any additional comments you’d like to share with de la Pen Pennies (readers).

TC: I created Travertine because it is something I love. I didn’t want to spend my life doing something I’m not passionate about. I want people to know this product was created with love when using the products. I also want them to know that life is too short not to spend your day doing things that you love.

And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.

The Travertine Product Line

For More Information about Terry and To Buy Travertine Products Check Out The Website: