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Dear Pennies,

After the Domenico Vacca show, another Italian brand Brioni showed their collection. The Brioni brand is known for its menswear although they did show womenswear as well. I liked most of the collection but I’m not sure I’m in a hurry to go out and actually buy it. The pieces were nice but they just didn’t wow me. I like the classic style but most of the collection was just okay.

The best pieces were the menswear. There was a grey suit where the sleeve stopped just above wrist that was amazing. Also I liked a black bubble coat I saw. Additionally, there was a black leather jacket with brown mink on the collar, a grey sweater, and khaki pants that were nice. I wouldn’t have styled the outfit that way since I’m not a fan of grey with khaki but I liked each individual piece.

Brioni Fall/Winter 2010 Menswear (Style.uz)

Brioni Fall/Winter 2011 Menswear (Style.uz)

Lastly, I must mention a multi-colored dress that I really liked. It was combined with yellow, grey, black, and purple. Since I didn’t fall out of my chair for this collection, I’m not going to drag this post out any longer.

Brioni Fall/Winter 2010 Womenswear (Style.uz)

And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen. (Well not really but you know what I meant, lol).