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Dear Pennies,

During Style.uz Art Week 2010, I saw New York based Italian designer Domenico Vacca’s Spring/Summer 2011 show. I actually got the chance to meet Domenico and his wife Julia at the airport when we arrived in Tashkent. Domenico is very down to earth (which in fashion can be quite rare), and Julia is very tall and fabulous. Julia is an Uzbek native and I think that it was awesome that they decided to show their collection here in Tashkent at Style.uz. Additionally, they used Uzbek fabrics in the collection, so the collection was a mixture of Domenico’s Italian tailoring background, Julie’s Uzbek culture/traditional fabric, and New York style.

Every piece was very new and fresh. As I said, Uzbek fabrics were used to make blazers and skirts. I liked the way the Uzbek fabrics were used because it wasn’t over done. It was a blend of Uzbek history and culture but for the modern woman. Similar to what Gulnara Karimova did with the Guli collection. Sadly, some ethnic or minority designers use too much of their native culture and end up alienating too many people. The key is to blend your culture with wearable fashion so that others can appreciate it a.k.a. buy it. Remember, fashion is still a business.

Domenico Vacca S/S 2011 Navy Blazer of Uzbek Fabric (Style.uz)

Domenico Vacca S/S 2011 Uzbek Jacket (Style.uz)

Domenico Vacca S/S 2011 Uzbek Skirt (Style.uz)

Additionally, there were also some very well tailored men’s suits. Domenico is known for his tailoring and when the male models walked down the runway it became clear why. Every suit was clean cut and sharp. I’m not yet an expert on menswear but I definitely need my next boyfriend to wear suits like that. They were superb!

Domenico Vacca S/S 2011 Navy Suit (Menswear) (Style.uz)

Domenico Vacca S/S 2011 Grey Suit (Menswear) (Style.uz)

Domenico Vacca S/S 2011 Creme Suit (Menswear) (Style.uz)

My favorite piece of the collection was a white dress that had caramel snakeskin wrapped around it. I liked it because it was an interesting piece and I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Domenico Vacca S/S 2011 White and Caramel Snakeskin Dress (Style.uz)

Essentially, I loved the collection so I decided to include a video of the final walk. Also I was able to interview Domenico Vacca after the show, make sure you check that out as well.

And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.

For more information on Domenico check out his website here: