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Dear Pennies,

After the General Idea show yesterday, I attended Gottex by Molly Grad. Gottex is a swimwear brand that was established in 1956. Molly Grad became head designer in 2009 and prior to this she had worked with Stella McCartney, and Stefano Pilati at Yves Saint Laurent. Like Stella McCartney, Molly is a graduate of Central Saint Martins, a prestigious art & design school in England.  Now onto my show review.

Crystal Renn at Gottex Spring/Summer 2011

First off, my favorite part of the Gottex show was the color palette used. The colors were exactly what swimwear is supposed to be which is bright and airy. The collection consisted of sky blue, royal blue, yellow, orange, bronze and there was also one black suit. Also, the collection had beautiful shapes and silhouettes and Molly Grad showed us that there are over forty different ways to shape and wear a swimsuit.

Crystal Renn at Gottex Spring/Summer 2011

I loved the play on dimension because swimwear design can’t be easy. You can only wear swimsuits in certain seasons and even then, the weather must be suitable. In essence, swimwear is really a luxury and so most people just look for a basic swimsuit and if you’re a woman, one that enhances or hides parts of your figure.  But, Molly Grad showed us that you swimsuits can be fun, fashionable, and colorful. By showing a collection of varied silhouettes, shapes, colors, Molly Grad gave us something to chose from and made swimwear exciting.

Crystal Renn at Gottex Spring/Summer 2011

I enjoyed the collection immensely and I also loved the hair styling. The models’ hair was styled high bump that first debuted in the 60s. It gave the models a very Jackie O type of look. My personal highlight was meeting Sessilee Lopez backstage and snapping a quick picture of her.

Sessilee Lopex backstage at Gottex Spring/Summer 2011

Overall, I enjoyed the show and you should definitely check out the Gottex for the hottest styles in swimwear. And there it is. Press Pen reporting live from de la Pen…the Fashion and Style of the Pen.

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