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Dear Pennies,

It’s Pen here to report on Yoana Baraschi’s Spring/Summer 2011 Presentation at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Yoana Baraschi chose to set herself apart from other designers by showing her collection presentation style instead of doing a runway show. I actually liked this idea because it gave me a chance to look at the clothes at my own pace and take great photos. I don’t have a camera (which will be remedied soon) but I was able to snap some great shots on my blackberry and I also got some excellent notes. As I said, the clothes were shown presentation style meaning the models simply stood on a platform and posed for pictures in the clothes. Personally, I purposely took shots when the models weren’t looking because sometimes candids are better than poses. Anyway, onto the clothes.

Yoana Baraschi Fashion Designer (in the grey top)

Yoana Baraschi was certainly designing for the modern yet feminine woman. The collection consisted of bright colors such as pink and blue, flower patterns on dresses, and there were even two pairs of white wide leg trousers (extreme flare leg). There were also three-quarter length jackets usually creme colored, and pencil skirts. Most of the models wore wedge heels both with and without socks, and there were also some loafers. One of my favorite pieces was the navy blue polka dot dress with the orange wedge heels, and the straw bag with the navy bow. The model wearing this stood alone and I believe it was because her outfit was very different from everyone else’s.

Yoana Baraschi Navy Dress Spring/Summer 2011

Also, there was a white cocktail dress that reminded me of the 1920s. The dress had fringe at the bottom, spaghetti straps, and silver squares on the outline. Next to that model was a sheer white dress with embroidery, and a large circular collar. The last model was wearing a white dress and a creme trench coat. This was one my of my favorite groups because each model complimented the other so well.

Yoana Baraschi Cocktail Dresses Spring/Summer 2011

Another group of models wore the brightly colored flower patterned dresses, I mentioned earlier. These models looked like they belonged on the beach or heading to a springtime lunch instead of being inside at fashion week. The colors were lovely and the flower patterns were extra feminine. I liked these dresses because the flowers reminding me of spring but not in a cheesy way. I also like the contrast of a navy striped jacket against a green and white dress. The salmon colored flower dress next to her was interesting as well. Then there was the blue dress and short outfit next to them. The reddish-orange belt on the model in the shorts outfit really adds (my fave Kay Thompson word) pizzazz to the outfit.

Yoana Baraschi Flower Dresses Spring/Summer 2011

Lastly, there were the models in a creme, beige, and leopard. These models all wore variations of creme & beige and two models had leopard patterns on their dresses. This part of the collection had ruffles, the white wide leg trousers, and the model in the beige dress wore a wide brim hat while a model in a leopard print dress wore a skully cap.

Yoana Baraschi Creme/Beige/Leopard Outfits Spring/Summer 2011

Overall, I love the presentation because it varied in colors and in style meaning it can be worn by an array of different women. A modern woman like me might choose the wide leg white trousers while a girly girl might chose one the flower print dresses. In essence, I give the collection an A plus.

And there it is. Press Pen reporting live from de la Pen…the Fashion and Style of the Pen.

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