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Dear Pennies,

Yesterday, I attended the EDITION by George Chakra Runway Show. To be honest Pennies, I have mixed feelings about the collection. There were some pieces that were simply fabulous. Others left much to be desired. Then there was one dress that was a diastuh as my girl Bey would say. I loved the colors featured in the collection, there was yellow, sky blue, purple, black, and white. Also the asymmetrical cuts on dresses were uh…interesting.

Black One Shoulder Dress w/ Asymmetrical Curve George Chakra Spring/Summer 2011

The asymmetrical shapes are what I kinda liked but didn’t quite grasp. On the runway, the dresses looked marvelous because of the flowing silhouettes. But when you see the asymmetry up close it looks slightly awkward. The asymmetry is a nice touch but it doesn’t add anything to the design. I liked the one-shoulder look on the dresses, it’s just that asymmetry that confused me.

Silver Weaved Dress George Chakra Spring/Summer 2011

There was also a lot of weaving done on dresses. The weaving was well-done but it makes me go hmmm…as Claire from the blog, the Fashion Bomb would say. The craziest part of all this is that I loved the collection during & right after the show. But, now that I’m home looking at the pictures up close, I’m not so sure my original analysis was correct. I think George Chakra is a great designer but not every piece from his collection is wearable or practical. Also there are some things that need to be altered such as the asymmetry it needs to be better placed so that it comes off less awkwardly. Overall, I give the collection a B minus because it did have lovely spring colors, beautiful silhouettes, and awesome weaving techniques. It just needed a little more fine tuning.

And there it is. Press Pen reporting live from de la Pen…the Fashion and Style of the Pen.

Sky blue, white, purple dresses by George Chakra Spring/Summer 2011