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Dear Pennies,

I will not be posting 1000 words today, because, I wanted to post two special Press Pen posts.  The first is my interview with Gary Kahn, President of Zeitbyte Digital Media. Zeitbyte Digital Media is a digital media company that specializes in video production and webcasting.  For this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Spring/Summer 2011 shows, Zeitbyte landed the coveted deal of providing webcasting services for all the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week shows at Lincoln Center and also the fashion shows being produced by Milk Studios. Please check out the interview below for a glimpse into Gary’s day to day activities as President of Zeitbyte and for more information on webcasting Fashion Week. And there it is. Press Pen reporting live from de la Pen…the Fashion and Style of the Pen.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tent (at Bryant Park)

DLP (de la Pen): Who started Zeitbyte Digital Media and why?

GK: (Gary Kahn): The company was founded in 2006 by Kevin Brail and Gary Kahn. It was founded to help improve the quality and management of video on the Internet.

DLP: As president of Zeitbyte Digital Media, what are your day to day duties? Basically, give de la Pen readers a glimpse into your typical day.

GK: 1) Make sure everyone has everything they need to do their jobs.  2) Look at stat reports from our clients.  3) Check to see if any errors were generated overnight (we have lots of monitoring scripts running that let us know if there were any problems). 4) My background is in IT so I spend some time with IT team to work on our next code release.  5) With any time remaining I work on sales, marketing and financial issues.

DLP: How did Zeitbyte get involved with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week?

GK: Universal Music asked us to webcast the Heatherette show for Perez Hilton.  While on that job we worked with B Productions who shoot almost all the fashion shows at the tents.  Since then we have worked with them every season at fashion week.  Every year we have done more and more webcasts.

DLP:  When does the webcasting begin?

GK: The webcasting begins on the kickoff day of Fashion Week, Thursday September 9.

DLP: Please list any additional details about Zeitbyte, webcasting, or Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week that you feel will enhance the above interview profile.

GK: This year for the first time we will be recording every show at fashion week.  About 30 shows will be webcast live on the Internet, the rest will be used by Lincoln Center after the event.  In total we will be encoding/webcasting close to 100 shows in 7 locations.

We are seeing more and more requests for custom player work.  It looks like that is becoming the place to engage your audience.

To watch LIVE Fashion Week Webcasts,  please visit the following websites.

Fashion At Lincoln Center – http://fashionatlincolncenter.com/

Milk Made (Milk Studios is hosting fashion shows not held at Lincoln Center) –  http://milkmade.com/

First Comes Fashion – http://www.firstcomesfashion.com/