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Dear Pennies,

I wanted to post another special Press Pen post to announce my Fashion Week whereabouts.  As I stated last week, today, I will be attending the Independent Fashion Bloggers Evolving Influence Conference.  After that, I will be attending the Concept Korea show being held at Lincoln Center.  I’m really excited about the conference and I’m hoping to meet other fashion bloggers so I can get my network on.  Additionally, the Concept Korea show seems like it will be uber dopeness. I checked out their website last night and it seems like Korean designers are the next big thing for New York Fashion. I can’t wait to see what they present at their show tonight. You can check their site here:  http://www.conceptkorea.org/

Also, on Friday, I will be attending the Guli Collections show, Edition by George Chakra, and Fashion’s Night Out. Specifically, for Fashion’s Night Out, I’ll be stopping by the Ralph Lauren store in SoHo to see Janelle Monae and after that I’ll go wherever the wind takes me until the Fashion’s Night Out After Party.  Next week, I’ll be at Fashion Week Dresses for Haiti, a Sound & Style event and fashion show, and the Gottex fashion show.

As you can see, I will be a busy Pen.  But honestly, it’s not Fashion Week unless you’re running around attending nothing but fashion shows and after parties. Make sure you stay tuned for show reviews, and also next Wednesday I will be posting a special interview for Designer Discussion.  Wednesday’s interview is my first men’s style feature and I’m super excited. Please follow me on Twitter @LoudPen for live-tweeting action. Love ya Pennies! Remember see a Penny, pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck!

And there it is. Press Pen reporting live from de la Pen…the Fashion and Style of the Pen.