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Karl Lagerfeld for Prestige Magazine

Karl Lagerfeld, a name, a man, a person who evokes emotion and captures the attention of the fashion industry.  Karl Lagerfeld has been in fashion since the late 50s and has seen many trends come and go.  And yet, he has stayed relevant and though he is in his 70s, his designs only seem to get better with age.  Like a fine wine.

As a fellow Virgo, I understand Karl’s work ethic.  We Virgos are die-hard perfectionists and we tend to delve into many projects at once. Lagerfeld definitely fits the Virgo description.  Currently,  he is Creative Director of Chanel, he designs for Fendi and his own line.  Basically, he’s always in three places at once.  And lest we forget that Karl Lagerfeld is also a photographer and he shoots all his own ad campaigns.

I am definitely fascinated by Karl Lagerfeld.  A few weeks ago, I watched Lagerfeld Confidential and I was intrigued by things he said in the film. Lagerfeld stated that he often feels lonely and that his happy childhood gave him foundation.  As I fellow artist, I can relate to feeling lonely.  As an artist, you’re inherently creative and sometimes that causes people to think you are odd because they don’t understand you.  So it becomes difficult to connect with people which is why most artists are often single or have trouble maintaining relationships.  I too, had a happy childhood so I can relate to Karl’s experience with that.  Being loved and taken care of as a child is critical to your survival as an adult. If a person isn’t loved by their family, they grow up to be very angry and bitter and sometimes, they don’t recover.  But, happy child gives one a solid foundation to become a mature and healthy adult.

I think I appreciated Lagerfeld’s words because I never saw the designer as a philosopher.  And yet, that’s exactly what he became in the film.  Lagerfeld is clearly a thoughtful man who has pondered the wonders and the  strangeness of life. I believe this is what makes him such an amazing designer.  Lagerfeld is forward thinking and doesn’t hold any bourgeois beliefs. It is for these reasons that he has been able to produce so many timeless designs for many different fashion labels.  He is able to mold and manipulate his designs to fit a variety of different people and it’s because he doesn’t limit himself.  Lagerfeld allows himself to be open to new ideas and concepts and it shows in his work.  So if you’re looking for a little fashion and some life philosophies make sure you watch Lagerfeld…Confidential.

And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.

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