de la Pen (Staying Positive!)

For this week’s Tuesday’s Thoughts, I wanted to piggyback off of last week’s post. Last week, I discussed how difficult it is to break into the fashion industry and how it seems more difficult now than ever.  However, this week, I am seeking to come to you with renewed energy.  Also, I want anyone trying to break into fashion to stay positive.  Although, the outlook may seem bleak and favoritism seems to stop you from being discovered or receiving the recognition you deserve, don’t give up.  If you believe in yourself, and you have a plan, you will accomplish your goals.

I am saying this, because, I received newfound positivity in the form of two situations that could have been deemed negative.  The first instance came last week when I received a “No, we hired another candidate” email from a fashion/entertainment magazine. Although, it was disappointing to know that I didn’t get the job (I wasn’t even interviewed), it was nice to know that I received a response. That means that someone actually looked at my resume and thought enough of me to respond.  The second example happened today when I received a response from a LinkedIn contact about a job inquiry, I had sent him.  He informed me that the position had been filled, but, the good news came when I sent him a link to this blog, and he actually checked it and complimented it.

Of course neither of these situations led to a job but they show two very important things. One: my resume is well written & organized because it garners responses from jobs;  two: my brand new fashion blog is on the right track because all feedback has been positive (i.e., today’s support from a high-up fashion insider).  In essence, instead of dwelling on the fact that I didn’t get either of those jobs, I’m just happy that someone cared enough to respond. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s when I reach out to someone and they never respond. Whether you’re a friend, family member, or business contact, always respond to people! It is rude to not say anything when someone takes time out of their day to call/email/text/facebook/tweet you.  Even if you don’t respond for days, weeks, or months, just respond!

Anyway, back to the main point, it is important to stay positive on the path to accomplishing your goals and living your dreams. There are always going to be negatives, ups & downs and things seeking to stop you from becoming who you want to be, however, you can’t let these things affect you.  If you let negative things affect you, you will be distracted and you won’t be on your “A” game which you need to be on in order to be successful. In conclusion, stay positive because it is integral to your inner peace, and it will help you stay focused. Don’t let anything distract you. Remember if you dream of the stratosphere, you’ll land in heaven.