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Joan Smalls

Joan Smalls is a Puerto Rican model who has been modeling since 2007, however, she has just recently began to receive the recognition she is due.  Joan has modeled for heavyweight fashion houses such as  Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, and Givenchy.  Also, Joan is currently number 20 on models.com Top 50 models.  In essence, while Joan is still a new model, she has already had major success and stands to grow even more from here.

When I first saw Joan, I immediately noticed her smooth skin, her searing eyes, and her lush lips.  The first time I saw her was on the runway and she looked amazing strutting down the runway.  I immediately sought to learn more about her on models.com. I was excited to see that she’d already walked in the Givenchy couture show and that she was being featured in Gucci’s 2010 pre-fall campaign.  Finally, another model of color was breaking into the fashion world.

Joan Smalls in Vogue Italia (Photograph by Steven Meisel)

Since the fashion industry hardly uses minority models or recognizes minority designers, I immediately get excited when I notice a person of color making strides. I wish them all the best and I do whatever I can to support them.  Hence, this blog post on Joan Smalls, an up & coming, Puerto Rican model.  Since Joan is only three years into her career, she has the opportunity to learn and grow.  Therefore, if we begin supporting her early on, the fashion industry will see that there is a demand for her so she’ll get more runway & ad campaign bookings.

Joan Smalls in Oscar de la Renta (Fall 2009)

Although, the fashion house gets the final say in who models their clothes for the runway and ad campaigns, we as fashion enthusiasts and consumers can make our voices heard by publicly supporting models like Joan.  If we support her, the fashion firms will have to use  her because the demand for her will be there.  Fashion houses must supply the demand because without customers, they will go out of business.

Anyways, getting back to Joan, she is a beautiful young model who deserves to be celebrated. She is a natural, flawless beauty who conquers the runway and commands the page.  And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.

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