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Jason Wu

Jason Wu is definitely fashion’s new darling. However, I must admit I had no idea he was until January of 2009, when Michelle Obama wore a custom designed one-shoulder chiffon gown at the inauguration ball for her husband, Barack Obama. I remember the days following the inaugural ball, the fashion world and media were in an uproar over Mrs. Obama’s choice.  Why? Because, Jason Wu wasn’t an established and well known designer.  Many people felt that Mrs. Obama should have chosen an established couturier such as Oscar de la Renta.

In my opinion, Mrs. Obama made the choice that was right for her.  She is a woman who appreciates style but at the same time, she is willing to try new things and experiment. In essence, I believe that this is partially why she chose Jason’s design. Additionally, she was counseled by Andre Leon Talley who introduced her to Wu, so this may have influenced her decision as well.  Even though Michelle Obama’s style is often compared to that of Jacqueline Kennedy, I think that their styles couldn’t be more opposite.  I love the style of both women, however,  Jacqueline took less risks and only wore the most expensive designs which were usually custom made for her.  Michelle Obama on the other hand introduced the kitten heel and made it fashionable and she pairs J. Crew sweaters with expensive designs.

But back to Jason Wu, he is a young designer who shows such promise. It’s like the Kay Thompson reference from “Funny Face”, he knows how to dress a woman with grace, elegance, and pizzazz.  I love his Fall 2010 collection for his use of basic colors, awesome shapes, and up & coming models. The collection made you want to give a standing ovation because it was completely eclectic.  Every piece seemed to be its own special creation but each item had that same Wu aesthetic. My summary of the collection? Clean suits, flowing dresses, and simple colors.  See it here on Style.com, http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/F2010RTW-JASONWU

Jason Wu was born in Taiwan and he lived in both the US and Canada. He received his fashion education from Parsons which by the way seems to be breeding fresh design talent. Wu also interned for Narciso Rodriguez who ironically enough also designed a dress that Michelle Obama wore.  Basically, Wu definitely received proper formal training prior to stepping out on his own.  His training has given him a strong voice as a designer and since he’s so young, he has nothing to do but grow.  Hopefully, he will and I wish him all the best.

And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.

Check out Jason Wu’s website here: http://www.jasonwustudio.com/